Chris Moneymaker Writes Summary: News Review

Chris Moneymaker Writes Summary: News Review

Ambassadors are fleeing PokerStars, Anatoly Filatov changed jobs in a few days, and Stoyan Madanzhiev is figuring out which WSOP champion is more important.

At the beginning of the year, PokerStars said goodbye to an impressive portion of their pros. Chris Moneymaker, Misha Inner, Selina Lin, Kalidou Sow and three OP-Poker streamers left the team in just a couple of weeks.

Chris Moneymaker has been a PokerStars Ambassador for 17 years. The day before New Years, he tweeted that he decided to spend more time with his family and less to play. Last year was unusual for Moneymaker, but unlike most, he liked such changes.

PokerStars has released a nostalgic video about Chris’s legendary 2003 WSOP win that kicked off the poker boom. Spraggy suggested that without Moneymaker, the fate of the new wave of professionals would probably have been different. Other poker pros have also joined in.

A couple of days later, Chris decided to write a resume. This turned out to be more difficult than he expected.

Previous job: hmmmm
Skills: trick people

A promising start.

Following Moneymaker, Mikhail Shalamov announced his departure from the Starzov team.

During the holidays, Misha mastered new locations and in one distribution was able to pay for his vacation in the Maldives (take care of your ears).

Time will tell whether such a warm welcome will become the beginning of many years of cooperation. While Mikhail and his wife once again went to the seas, and he tries to fight off the trip by playing the ukulele.

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Another professional who went free swimming is Selina Lin.

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Like Inner, Selina worked for Starza for 10 years. From 2021, she expects more freedom, adventure and time with loved ones. Her husband, Nanonoko, became a WPN security consultant in December, so the last point could be in trouble.

Stars before the New Year fall not only on Stars. Anatoly Filatov has completed his three-year partnership with partypoker.

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A few days later, Tolik announced that he had found a new home – he joined GGTeam Russia and promised to delight fans with frequent streams and drifts.

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Few flashbacks from the weirdest WSOP main event. Stoyan Madanjiev, winner of the $ 5,200 Summer Main Event, is puzzled again. After the organizers announced another main event, he could not figure out what title the new champion would get.

In January, Stoyan decided to compare the indicators of the Maines to find out which one is more important.

$ 10,000 Main Event:

– Announced at the last minute
– Two finalists could not play
– Tournament finished in 2021
– 1,400 registrations, winner received $ 2.5 million
– 95% played online
– Two heads-ups
– Freezeout
– The winner had 20 days to prepare

$ 5,000 Main Event:

– $ 3.9 million for first place
– Finale live
– 6,000 registrations
– Classic structure
– Equal conditions for all participants

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Most commentators supported Stoyan, but Norman Chad disagreed with them and compared Madanjiev to Trump trying to revise the election results:

I don’t dispute you won an impressive victory in the online version of the WSOP Main Event. But this is not the main tournament of the World Series. You are trying to compare apples to oranges. Although in fact it is apples and chicken soup in cans.

Max Silver invited the two champions to sort things out in the ring. Stoyan does not mind – he expressed his willingness to discuss limits and bets with Damian Salas, even if the match is held unofficially, without the participation of the WSOP.

Forward of the hockey team “San Jose” Evander Kane filed a lawsuit for bankruptcy. Two years ago, he signed a 7-year contract with the club for $ 49 million, and his debts accumulated for $ 27 million. And $ 1.5 million of them were formed in casinos over the past 12 months, and this was the reason for the lawsuit.

Last year, Cosmopolitan casino tried to get Kane to pay half a million gambling debt through court. In the spring, the claim was rejected, but it remains unknown whether they managed to come to an out-of-court agreement.

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Despite a salary of $ 7 million a year, the bankruptcy filing states that Evander’s monthly income is negative at $ 91,131, since he supports seven family members.

Last week, controversial gambling tycoon Sheldon Adelson died of complications from lymphoma treatment. He was 87 years old.

Adelson built his gambling empire from scratch. He had a difficult childhood, he never finished college. From the age of 12, he sold newspapers on the streets of Boston, in his youth he was engaged in the sale of cosmetics, and later he was brought into the world of casinos, in which, decades later, he took leadership positions. Adelson founded the Las Vegas Sands Corporation, which owns the Venetian and many other casinos, including those in Asia. Last year, his fortune was estimated at $ 27 billion, which made him the 28th richest person on the planet.

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He was also one of the main sponsors of the Trump campaign. In 2020 alone, he spent $ 430 million on supporting Republican candidates. This makes it unsafe to express sympathy for his death. Although many employees remember him as a generous boss, who during the pandemic guaranteed staff the preservation of salaries and medical benefits.

Most of the Democrats Adelson was disliked except by the professionals of online poker. Players will always remember him as the main opponent of online. Adelson was the ideologist behind the campaign to ban all online gambling and played a major role in the Black Friday case, which changed the poker industry forever.

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