Lower number of visits to Germany's casinos

The casinos in Germany have been open again for weeks. Nevertheless, the local casinos must expect a decline in sales. However, this is not due to a lack of visitor numbers. The opposite is the case: the capacities are not being used.

Hamburg: Casinos let in fewer visitors

In Hamburg, the current situation is that far fewer visitors are allowed to enter the casinos than there are at the casinos. Such a decision is only partly due to the prescribed hygiene measures. According to government regulations, there should be a larger number of players in the casinos. However, in order to meet the required hygiene measures, fewer players are allowed into the casinos.

In practice, it works like this that only as many visitors are admitted as there are places available. This avoids that the players form a queue until they get a seat at a slot machine or roulette table. Such waiting times are prevented by currently being announced online how the capacity utilization of a casino is developing. That way, nobody goes to the casino for free.

As a result of this decision, the number of visitors fell by almost 60 percent – compared to the previous year’s figures. However, sales also decline. Detailed data on how far sales fell is not yet available.

America is played outdoors

It sounds quite logical that only as many players are allowed to enter a casino as there are places available. Thanks to this idea, the risk of infection with Covid-19 is reduced. To counteract this risk of infection, however, there are other ideas, as the USA has shown, for example.

Some casino tables have been moved outside there. These tables were equipped with plexiglass panes between the players for further security. In addition, everyone must wear a respirator and only eight players are allowed to sit on each table. On the one hand this idea may sound strange, on the other hand it is the only way the casinos can accept players at all at the moment.

Due to the high number of infections in the USA, the casinos had to close in the spring. The closure lasted almost six months, apart from a few weeks. In between the casinos were allowed to reopen, but had to close again after a few days. Now the gambling providers are trying in an unusual way to get the business running. Of course, this only works in view of the pleasant climate, which does not exist in Germany. Still, this would be a way that casinos in Germany can accept more players.

Players could resort to illegal providers

The fact that fewer players are now allowed to enter a casino could lead to alternative solutions. One such solution could be for players to resort to illegal providers. This idea should actually be avoided by government-sponsored casinos.

Logically, the players could also use the official online casinos that have a license. At least there is currently an interim solution that will accept the casinos. However, the online gaming providers have to separate the slot machines from the table games. Other conditions that have been set for the transition phase must also be complied with. Those who are unable to implement these conditions will most likely not receive a license in the next year.

Unfortunately, even after the new State Treaty on Gambling came into force, the games mentioned above have to be separated from one another. Basically, the online casinos would have to present two portals. This not only results in additional costs on the part of the online casinos. The players are also irritated by this and may migrate to illegal casinos that offer all games on one site. Thus the fears of some experts seem to be confirmed.

Reputable casinos offer many security features

Nobody should use an illegal provider. Every serious online casino not only observes the legally prescribed safety factors. Most offer the opportunity to set a personal bet limit or even define a loss limit. In addition, no minors are allowed to register in an online casino.

Apart from this, numerous bonuses and no deposit free spins reduce the financial risk. These promotions are used like real money and offer the same chance of winning. A dubious casino can often be recognized by a missing bonus or by excessively high wagering requirements. You should also be careful if the bonuses are too high. If you pay attention to all of this, you can play in an online casino without risk.

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