Cooperation: Eyas is supported by Gauselmann

Although the Gauselmann Group generates high sales and should not be afraid of falling in popularity, this company repeatedly enters into cooperation with other groups. Most recently, Gauselmann took over the majority of the Bede Gaming platform. Now the cooperation with Eyas is pending.

Eyas Gaming works together with Gauselmann

Gauselmann has been pursuing the idea of expanding the online market for several months. The company sees this as an opportunity to replace missing sales from the casinos on site. Online casinos have enjoyed great popularity for several years. Since the corona pandemic, numerous players have decided to seek their luck at online casinos. This was mainly due to the fact that many casinos and amusement arcades were closed on site. Added to this is the fact that online gambling providers offer a welcome bonus and ongoing promotions for regular customers. Thanks to this, the personal commitment and thus also the financial risk is reduced.

The idea of using the online market led to a collaboration with the German company iGaming Eyas Gaming, which is based in Malta. With this cooperation, Eyas should get a chance to establish itself in Germany when the new State Treaty on Gaming comes into force. With the strong partner Gauselmann in the background, this shouldn’t be a problem. Getting a license for Germany doesn’t seem to be a problem anymore. First, however, Eyas tries to get a license from the Malta Gaming Authority.

Of course, Gauselmann also benefits, since Eyas offers various games from Gauselmann. Logically, this increases Gauselmann’s sales. In addition, Eyas would like to use the Gauselmann platform immediately, which was created through the collaboration with Bede. For Gauselmann, all of this represents a professional opportunity to link several branches of business.

Gauselmann relies on foreign income

The last few years have made it clear that it is not the market in Germany but the market abroad that is becoming interesting. Sales fell in 2019 – compared to 2018, by almost 4 percent. Foreign sales, on the other hand, rose by almost 7 percent. Who is surprised that Gauselmann is orienting himself outside of Germany? The goal set is to be achieved, among other things, by working with Eyas. This is a company whose board of directors is exactly the same as at Bede Gaming. In addition, Gauselmann already owns the majority in Bede Gaming.

For a number of years Bede has been working with numerous companies all over the world. With this fact, Gauselmann hopes to be able to set foot in various countries. Bede, on the other hand, is happy to work with Gauselmann, as it is an extremely financially strong company. Gauselmann already generates 60 percent of its sales with players from abroad. Apparently the goal is to increase these sales. Another reason why Gauselmann is withdrawing from Germany are the conditions in Germany. According to this company, the conditions would get worse all the time. An improvement would not be in sight even with the new State Treaty on Gambling. Nevertheless, Gauselmann does not leave the German market completely.

Eyas Gaming offers games from many manufacturers

The Eyas Gaming Group does not only want to offer Gauselmann games. The Bede platform makes it possible to include more software from various manufacturers. The message has already been received that the Gauselmann games will be offered by Edict and Blueprint Gaming. This wide range is intended to boost the popularity of the new gaming provider.

Of course, German players can also use Eyas Gaming’s offer. However, no information is yet available on the day from which this will be the case. Slot machines and table games may already be enjoyed before the new contract comes into effect next year. Certainly, however, Eyas Gaming will offer new customers an exciting welcome bonus. No information is available on this either. Nevertheless, it can be assumed that game manufacturers also come up with many exciting promotions. Thus, the players also benefit when an online casino cooperates with a higher number of manufacturers.

Gauselmann will also take the chance and offer free spins and bonuses for his Merkur slots. This could drive the market in Germany forward again.

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