Facebook is helping to reduce gambling advertising

There has never been anything like it in the history of online gambling: Facebook works with a gambling authority. In the present case it is the UK gaming authority UKGC. The aim of the cooperation is to reduce the advertising that appears on Facebook.

Facebook and UKGC are working on a joint concept

Basically, it is not as simple as the message sounds. Facebook is not going to reduce its advertising for online gambling on its own. Rather, the members of Facebook themselves have the option of restricting advertising according to their own taste. The following ideas are available to Facebook customers:

  • Each member can choose who they want to receive advertising from or who they do not want to receive. In addition, the content of the advertising received may be determined.
  • Advertisements for gambling can also be specifically removed from the news feed.
  • Cookies help to reduce the advertising displayed. These cookies can also be used to reduce advertising on the Internet.

Player protection was once again mentioned as the main reason for this measure. The aim is to protect young people in particular so that they do not come into contact with gambling in the first place.

Anyone who thinks that all of this is completely new is mistaken. The British supervisory authority entered into a similar collaboration with Twitter earlier this year.

The ability to make the appropriate settings in your own Facebook account could also help other countries to restrict advertising. Because many countries act in more complicated ways.

This is how Germany deals with advertising from online casinos

The current state gambling treaty in Germany prohibits advertising if it is an online casino without a valid license. Up to now, this meant the casinos that do not have a German license. Since only one federal state has issued licenses in Germany, there is a very small number of online casinos that are allowed to advertise at all.

This regulation was confirmed by the Cologne Regional Court in March 2020. This court ruled that it was definitely not allowed to broadcast advertisements on television. But what about the internet? Apparently the advertising ban also applies to the Internet. The only question is whether the regulations have changed in the meantime after the online casinos were temporarily accepted.

Some of the changes for the next year have been announced publicly. From next year – when the new State Treaty on Gambling comes into force – Internet advertising for games of chance will be banned between 6 a.m. and 11 p.m. In addition, advertising for sports betting is to be banned, not only on television but also on radio

Spain sets times for gambling advertising

At the time of the corona pandemic, Spain had the idea to time-limit advertising for gambling. Due to the exit restrictions, many citizens, including young people, were probably sitting in front of the television. They could have seen the advertising for gambling if it was broadcast during the day. For this reason, in the spring of this year, advertising was set for certain times of the night.

These times have been extended by law. Thus, in Spain, gaming providers are still only allowed to broadcast advertising between one and five o’clock in the morning. This is also intended to protect players.

Reduced gambling advertising has an impact on casino revenue

Not only the players are disappointed with the reduced advertising. Finally, one could learn from the advertising which online casinos are currently offering a high welcome bonus. This information remains in the wrong with a reduced advertising. For this reason, Facebook, together with the UKGC, offers the opportunity for everyone to determine for themselves which advertising content they receive.

Online casinos can see a decline in sales as new registrations will also decrease. Other promotions, such as a slot tournament or daily jackpots, do not get through to the player. All of this means that every casino player has to find out which gambling provider is offering a certain promotion. If you don’t do this, you won’t make a new deposit because you don’t know the current bonus. On the other hand, the player does not find out if a cashback campaign is currently running. This lack of information also leads to a decline in sales at online casinos.

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