Maintain and improve. Results of 2020

What did the GipsyTeam regulars learn, what they achieved and what they learned in 2020.

On the eve of the New Year, we decided to find out about the main achievements of the players in 2020. It turned out that it is not so easy to choose one thing: if you spent a year super productively, then how to understand which is more important – to jump three limits higher or to improve relationships with loved ones?

If the year passed in the traditional style for 2020, then it may turn out that there is generally nothing to choose from. Nevertheless, we present a selection of achievements for the strangest year, at least in our memory. Moreover, for some it turned out to be very successful (everyone would be so).

Maintain and improve. Results of 2020 1

Fedya Lorem

The year for me turned out to be very eventful, largely due to the fact that I have been in quarantine since February. Nothing but business, so as not to go crazy, does not work.

I will list my achievements for the year with short or not very comments:

– Started working with a psychotherapist and mental coach (two different people). It helped a lot, I feel better and I manage to direct my efforts in the right direction.

– As a result, I found myself an interesting new profession in the form of streaming, YouTube, that’s all. The results, of course, are on the scoreboard, but to be honest, I didn’t expect anything like that – I just wanted to try it, but it turned out just fine.

Maintain and improve. Results of 2020 2

– Overcame my fear of expensive MTTs. As a result, for the first time in his career, he won tournaments for $ 215, $ 530 and $ 1,260. Before that, I just diligently avoided them, since I believed that my opponents had everything counted there and I had nothing to catch there.

I also did not forget to catch my first KKs in AA in a $ 10k tournament and go on the bubble to the hooting “what a fool” in a $ 5k tour.

Also an achievement, that’s it.

As for the next year, if it is even half as successful as this one, it will be simply amazing.

Glory to iPerfect

The main achievement of the year is that I flew to Tai before the borders were closed.

Sergey Gipsy

I cannot single out any significant event in the outgoing year, which would be my main achievement. So, probably the main achievement is that I lived a calm, happy year.

Alena alohahaloha

My main achievement over the past year has been self-love. Thanks to her, I grew in stakes from NL5 to NL25 and met the man of my dreams.

Maintain and improve. Results of 2020 3

Misha Msemin

The poker year, of course, as well as for the majority, turned out to be very successful, but my main achievement, perhaps, was the acquisition of the ability to perceive not only bad beats much more calmly, but also other people’s hostility, insults, etc. In part, by the way, this was facilitated by the timely departure from the forum)

But at the same time, the main page of GipsyTeam remains the top one, and once again – my respect to everyone who works to create quality content.

Sergey vedevas

It will sound paradoxical from a man who has been married for 11 years and has been with his wife for 16 years, but I think the main achievement of this year is the deepening of mutual understanding between us. It is easy to lose intimacy with someone who is automatically perceived as “close.”

I think it is both luck and great work that we manage not only to maintain relations, but also to improve them.

Maintain and improve. Results of 2020 4


She studied consciously all year. It turns out to be difficult.


I can say that the main achievement is that the plan that I built 3 years ago and which I adhered to all this time, sacrificing short-term pleasures, began to bear fruit. Even though there are still a lot of unknown challenges and work ahead, it is nice to know that there was enough patience and discipline not to leave the race.

Gene Winter

The main achievement of the year is Elbrus. So I wanted to write at first) But in fact it turned out to be just a matter of money, a week of time and some physical training, so what an achievement.

Maintain and improve. Results of 2020 5

But the top, which I tried to conquer for 2 years, made many attempts and played hundreds of thousands of hands to zero – this is still NL100. Yes, I didn’t really want to conquer this limit, and somehow I let go of this question … It was then that things went uphill. For me, poker is more of a psychology, a kind of struggle with oneself. I believe that with the help of the game as a tool, you can pump yourself and do better again and again. It turns out that I have pumped enough.

So yeah, the top of this year was weaving, and I’m glad I’m already there. But there are mountains and higher …


The main achievement is the first negative year in his career)

But seriously, I was finally able to score on poker and take care of myself. I understood what real life is, I began to enjoy it much more than before – I bought expensive things, took a car. I started skating more when I was high, and not because I needed to. He accepted himself in many moments and decided to score on the opinion of society and on society itself. He began to enjoy life, became more arrogant and confident. In short, he began to live only for himself. And, of course, psychedelics were not without.

Vitya Enlight

There are no achievements this year. I scored on the goal I set for a year due to fatigue and insufficient play)

Zhenya Emily

My main achievement this year is the extremely successful work on myself. And the rest was added to the new one according to merit and needs. When you begin to feel inner strength, when you take responsibility, and do not run away from it, you become simply invincible. Well, I also bought a hairdryer this year for 40k rubles (not a big achievement, of course).

Maintain and improve. Results of 2020 6

Mark krokotopus

I learned to appreciate simple things and better prioritize, stopped procrastinating and started doing a lot of what I wanted for a long time. I began to better understand my needs and at the same time learned to take better care of loved ones.

Dima spr3216

My achievements this year are purely poker, since the last two years I have plunged deeply into it and started playing MTTs. Perhaps the main achievement is that after the unsuccessful end of last year (a downstream of 8,000 MTT with a profit of $ 18,000), I decided not to change my discipline and did not lose faith in myself.

I was able to start the year with ABI $ 10, reach ABI $ 70 + and earn almost $ 100,000.

Maintain and improve. Results of 2020 7

Misha Minthon

He earned more with poker than with the game itself.

Roma Zadrot_mode

My main achievement over the past year is that after 5 years of wandering and roflov on other people’s twitch and YouTube channels, my dear brother Pasha speedTLT and I decided to make our own!

Misha BlackStack94

No success) Well, I think the main achievement is that this year, thanks to GT and twitch, I have made many poker friends. And it became a full-fledged part of the poker community. And I love being a part of this world.

Kolya Ireful

I got married, we are waiting for replenishment in 2021.

Mark golowa

Maintain and improve. Results of 2020 8


2020 was the most difficult year for me, both poker and mentally. One downstream ended, the second began. Out of the fire and straight into the fire all year round. Probably the biggest achievement for me was that I finally started using the services of a poker coach. Throughout my poker career I have been playing with a sense of the senses and I was glad that my results are better than the average for the field, I could not think that I would ever need someone’s help, because I am Lyokha. But as it usually happens, in difficult times, a desire to develop arose, turned to a good coach for help and did not regret it.

I think it would be a huge + EB for every player to take at least one training session per month. Do not spare 100-200 bucks for a good coach! It will pay off 100% in the long run. The era of grind is gone with the abolition of RB stars, it’s time to develop. And the sooner you understand this, the sooner you will achieve high achievements.

Valentin Nokautov

In the past year, I have significantly increased my living space thanks to poker and am already finishing renovations.

Masha LavMari

My biggest achievement of the year is breaking through borders.

With the help of 5 tickets, I miraculously broke through to Europe in March – the borders were closed while I was flying.

Then the caring and merciless evacuation by the Foreign Ministry back to Russia.

A month later – forged documents and a breakthrough to Belarus.

Maintain and improve. Results of 2020 9

The whole autumn was spent in the Moscow – Sochi – Istanbul mode (the only possible point on the planet to meet with a loved one, who is also closed everything except Turkey). Yesterday at the airport, 3 hours before departure, I finally received my negative covid test, without which they are now not allowed to enter. The test should be no more than 72 hours old. My results came at the 65th hour. I flew out …

Kirill Gansik

He was ill with covid and survived. It seems like there are no more achievements.

Andrey “ XPEHA

The year promised to end in negative territory, which strongly motivated me to work on the game. As a result, we managed not only to catch one of the major Sochi finals, but also to approach it in a strong form, which led to a good result.

Maintain and improve. Results of 2020 10

Denis aDrENalin710

I completed the second The Last of Us. I think this is the most important achievement this year.

Maintain and improve. Results of 2020 11

What was your main achievement in 2020?

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